United International Private School

Muhaisnah 4, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


United International Private School was founded in 1992 and is the first Filipino School in Dubai. UIPS follows the Philippines Curriculum for students aged 4 to 16 and is located in the Muhaisnah area of Dubai.

UIPS is a dynamic and vibrant educational institution that is committed to the development of mind and body holistically through academic excellence and quality performance, respect of human values and principles and love for God and the Country.

The UIPS inspires and encourages students to be holistic and lifelong learners ready to adapt to the ever-changing world and succeed in the 21st century. The school community seeks to build solid parent partnerships and build links with the broader community to enhance the full development of children. Every student at the United International Private School is given the opportunity to develop and master basic attitudes and values according to their own interests and abilities.

Student services and facilities at the UIPS includes a KG activity room, KG instructional room, Shaded court, School clinic, Cafeteria, ICT laboratories, Chemistry laboratory, Physics laboratory, Biology laboratory, Conference room, well-resourced school library and Instruction rooms for Elementary and High school students.

The United International Private School curriculum is set by the Philippines Department of Education (DepEd) and is established in accordance with the Regulations of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and the UAE Ministry of Education (MOE). The school will also be monitored by the PSO-CFO (Philippine School Overseas - Commission of Filipino Overseas).

UIPS implements the Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) for students from K to Grade 12.

The English and Philippine language progress of students is monitored by teachers who effectively take the necessary steps to fully develop students’ read, speaks, writes, looks and listening skills. The Math and Science subject areas were designed to promote each student's cognitive intellectual growth by using the theoretical lessons they learned in real-life situations. Social studies have been enriched by incorporating the civic, economic and environmental subjects of the United Arab Emirates, leading to a better understanding of Islam, the appreciation of local traditions and culture of the host country.

Students’ creativity, physics, mental health and aesthetic are enhanced through music, arts, health, and physical education. The secondary ICT curriculum was strengthened to allow students to explore and explore their robotics skills. In order to fuel students’ interest in learning, a range of cross-curricular and extracurricular programs are offered which enhances their personal and social characteristics.

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Grade Fees
KG1 3458
KG2 3458
Grade1 3841
Grade2 3932
Grade3 4102
Grade4 4444
Grade5 4494
Grade6 4676
Grade7 4857
Grade8 4857
Grade9 5471
Grade10 5640
Grade11 7430
Grade12 8140

The applicant is required to fill-up and submit the seat reservation form; a seat reservation fee should be settled in the Accounts Department. An applicant is subject to individual holistic assessment in terms of academic record, admission results, deportment and interview. The decision of whether the applicant is accepted or not is made by the members of the Admission Committee.  The parents will be informed two or three working days after taking the assessment. The parent(s) must provide all the required documents to complete the student's registration.  


Days Hours

Sunday 7:20am - 2:30pm

Monday 7:20am - 2:30pm

Tuesday 7:20am - 2:30pm

Wednesday 7:20am - 2:30pm

Thursday 7:20am - 2:30pm

Friday Closed

Saturday Closed

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Art
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Chess
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Football
  • Music
  • Netball
  • Painting
  • Sports

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Dr. Eunice P. Orzame

Dr. Eunice P. Orzame