New York University Abu Dhabi is a liberal art and science campus established in 2010 located on the Saadiyat Island of Abu Dhabi. The university offers 24 majors and courses in the Core Curriculum, electives in other fields, multidisciplinary minors, and pre-professional courses.

NYUAD also offers the Global PhD fellowships in science and engineering. Core courses address key global challenges, such as equality, peace, justice, health, sustainability, and understanding of humanity. It draws students from all over the world and prepares them for challenges and opportunities. The university encourages curiosity, creativity and critical thinking in students.

The university houses spaces for meeting rooms, student life, lounges, restaurants, informal study spaces, and athletic facilities. The well-equipped indoor and outdoor athletic facilities ensure that everyone at the campus enjoys recreational and competitive sports. The swimming pool is surrounded by modern facilities to keep students fit and have fun. Indoor facilities at NYUAD features a 200m rubberized four-lane indoor running track, performance gym used for badminton, volleyball, futsal, basketball, floor hockey and more, two racquetball courts, 3 single squash courts, combative studio with a large matted room where martial arts practice takes place, and a 10m indoor climbing wall. Outdoor facilities include multipurpose full-sized fields with a natural surface for football, shot-put, rugby and discus, 400m outdoor track and field, and four tennis and netball courts.

The modern library is technologically sophisticated offering spaces for individual study, and group interaction with a large range of learning resources. The university also has 300 seated lecture halls, meeting rooms, 180 seated auditorium, an Experimental Research Building, Arts Centre with theatres, performance venues, film editing studios, rehearsal rooms, workshops, and classrooms. NYUAD also has an art gallery located at the entrance.

The university offers 24 undergraduate majors across Engineering, Arts and Humanities, Science, and Social Science, and many minors and specializations.

The NYU Abu Dhabi's Arts and Humanities include programs in arts and humanities that are creative and collaborative, covering the various fields to improve the understanding of human experience through art and literature. The programs offered includes African Studies, Anthropology, Ancient World, Arab Crossroads Studies, Arabic, Arab Music Studies, Philosophy, Art and Art History, Design, Chinese, Film and New Media, History, French, Interactive Media, Literature and Creative Writing, Legal Studies, Music, Theater, and Writing Program.

NYUAD Engineering programs are designed to create global technological leaders. Students enjoy a creative learning environment at the heart of technological enterprises and innovations. The Undergraduate Majors include Computer Engineering, General Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. Global Ph.D. Fellowship programs include Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Materials Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, and Transportation Planning and Engineering.

New York University Abu Dhabi Science programs include a major in biology, math, chemistry, computer science, physics, and psychology. Global Ph.D. Fellowship program in Science includes Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics and Psychology.

NYU Abu Dhabi Social Sciences research program uses data to better understand human behavior and to help economists, historians, NGOs, and governments. The undergraduate programs include a BA degree in Economics, Political Science, and Social Research and Public policy.

Undergraduate Multidisciplinary Programs include African Studies, Arab Crossroads Studies, Anthropology, The Environment, Peace Studies, Legal Studies, and Urbanization.

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