German International School is a K-12 school following the German Curriculum (based on the German Federal State of Thüringen), located in the Academic City of Dubai.

The school offers great learning opportunities: bright and durable air conditioning, modern science laboratories, two libraries as well as outstanding sporting facilities venues. The School offers a respectful and open-minded environment for students from over 30 nations.

German is the teaching language at German International School. Geography is taught in English from 8th grade onwards and history is taught in English and German from 9th grade onwards. In addition, students can receive English and French language certificates. As per the UAE Ministry of Education law, Arabic is a compulsory subject from elementary school.

The Kindergarten is composed of 12 groups and features a bright and welcoming facility and a modern multi-functional playground. The groups are mixed in age compared to local nurseries. German as a foreign language is offered for children with insufficient German skills.

In a friendly, trusting school environment, the primary school offers cognitive, social and individual education. Learning and playing techniques are educated step by step to prepare children from 5th grade for high school.

Diverse qualifications can be achieved during high school: After 9th Grade the Berufsreife, after 10th Grade the Mittlere Reife, and after 12th the German Abitur enabling the student to study at universities worldwide. Students receive a healthy general education, consisting of quality and professionalism, in a positive working environment.

German International School contributes to the development of a broad array of interests and skills through a diverse afternoon activities program for a healthy school community. Sports facilities at the school include a soccer field, a tartan track, 25 m swimming pool, three-part sports hall, and volleyball and basketball fields. Science laboratories are perfectly equipped for a range of experiments in physics, biology, and chemistry. The classes provide students with exciting insights into research. The library for Primary schools is composed of an extensive amount of books suitable for the age to read. Secondary School library offers a variety of modern school books and language novels and non-fiction books, which students can take away during their breaks and is sponsored and supported by Emirates. The library has a virtual reality glass and a 3D printer in addition to a number of computers which gives students access to the latest technologies.

Extracurricular activities at the German International School include Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Badminton, Dance, Arts & Crafts, Team Building, Photography, School band, Orchestra, Student Newspaper, Debating, and Drama Classes.

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Grade Fees
Pre-KG 36,868
KG1 36,868
KG2 40,751
Grade1 43,498
Grade2 43,498
Grade3 43,498
Grade4 43,498
Grade5 55,030
Grade6 59,597
Grade7 59,597
Grade8 59,597
Grade9 59,597
Grade10 59,597
Grade11 69,652
Grade12 69,652

Complete the application form for admission and submit the necessary documentation required by the school. All applicants shall take part in a selection process. The aim is to determine the child’s potential in its entirety, academy, behavior, attitude, and character. The process will be conducted carefully in order to determine the various aspects of the child in a fair way and to ascertain a possible need for German as a second or foreign language and/or other support needs. All estimations are coordinated in an age-appropriate way and will be conducted from class 2 with computer-based capability screening. A registration fee per pupil will be charged for the entire registration procedure. The registration fee will not be reimbursed and not credited to school fees or other fees.


Days Hours

Sunday 7:50am - 2:10pm

Monday 7:50am - 2:10pm

Tuesday 7:50am - 2:10pm

Wednesday 7:50am - 2:10pm

Thursday 7:50am - 2:10pm

Friday Closed

Saturday Closed

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Art
  • Basketball
  • Choir
  • Dance
  • Debate
  • Drama
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Hip Hop
  • Martial Arts
  • Music
  • Netball
  • Orchestra
  • Photography
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Throw Ball
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga

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