GEMS Our Own English High School Dubai

Al Warqa`A, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


GEMS Our Own English High School (OOEHS) is one of the oldest schools in the United Arab Emirates. GEMS OOEHS is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi and offers high standard education for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Grade 4 and only for girls from Grade 4 to Grade 12. This multi-cultural school has students from over 22 different nationalities and ensures that each student respects and appreciates cultural diversity.

In addition to academic standards, GEMS Our Own English High School provides a wide range of co-curricular activities to its students ensuring their emotional, physical, and well-round development. The school creates a happy and vibrant learning environment that instills a lifelong love for learning in children and helps them become confident, responsible, pioneers of tomorrow.

 GEMS Our Own English High School offers an extensive range of learning resources to enhance the learning process. The school has state-of-the-art modern facilities beyond the school gates which includes SEWA (social Empowerment through Work and Action) Activity Room, 3 well-resourced libraries, 2 resource suites, 8 latest technology ICT labs, 8 science laboratories, Math lab, 4 Prayer rooms, cafeteria, mobile canteens, multi-purpose hall with seating capacity for 600 people, 3First-Aid Centers, Outdoor kindergarten play area, Central Art Room, 2 Art Studios, music rooms, Astroturf playground with 200 m synthetic tracks and 3 Basketball courts.

Own English High School encourages students to explore their talents, enhance their abilities, develop their skills while enjoying a healthy lifestyle and plays a key role in the social, physical and educational development of students.

The School employs a highly qualified and dedicated team of teachers capable of creating a motivational and engaging learning environment, encouraging students to become lifelong learners. Over the years, GEMS Our Own English High School Dubai has become one of the leading Indian Curriculum Schools in the United Arab Emirates. The school identifies students’ unique talents and helps them unlock their potentials and allow them to follow their passion. The child-centric, skill-based curriculum fosters strong ethical and moral values that enable children to become responsible, reliable and valuable global citizens.

The Kindergarten program adopts a play-based approach where children play, sing, dance, and take part in art and craft activities and imaginative play in a nurturing and stimulating environment. The Kindergarten curriculum includes literacy, numeracy, and general awareness. The primary school program encourages children to question, explore and treat each other with respect. The curriculum includes English, Mathematics, EVS, UAE Social Studies, Computer Science, Language, Islamic Studies / Moral Science. Non-scholastic activities include PE, art/craft, and music, dance and club activities. At Middle school, students are encouraged to become competent learners and focus more academically. The Senior School curriculum focuses on core subjects and prepares students for All India Secondary School and the All India Senior School Certificate Examinations at the end of Grade 10 and 12.

Extracurricular activities at GEMS Our Own English High School Dubai include PE, Guides, Visual arts, Environment Club, Performing arts, choir, Overnight camps, workshops, Public speaking, Olympiads, Educational trips and more.

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Grade Fees
KG1 7,237
KG2 7,237
Grade1 8,862
Grade2 8,862
Grade3 8,862
Grade4 8,914
Grade5 8,914
Grade6 10,068
Grade7 10,068
Grade8 10,068
Grade9 12,584
Grade10 12,584
Grade11 14,684 (Commerce / Humanities) and 15,313 (Science)
Grade12 14,684 (Commerce / Humanities) and 15,313 (Science)

To apply for Admission at GEMS Our Own English High School, complete the online registration form available in the school website. Submit the necessary documents with the students application form.

The school will then contact you regarding further steps.


Days Hours

Sunday 7:40am - 1:40pm

Monday 7:40am - 1:40pm

Tuesday 7:40am - 1:40pm

Wednesday 7:40am - 1:40pm

Thursday 7:40am - 1:40pm

Friday Closed

Saturday Closed

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Arabic
  • Art
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Competitive Sports
  • Cricket
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Football
  • Handball
  • Holiday Camps
  • Karate
  • Music
  • Netball
  • Qu’ran Studies
  • School Trips
  • Soccer
  • Sports
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Theater
  • Throw Ball
  • Volleyball

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