Emirates College of Technology

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Emirates College of Technology was established in 1993 offers professional training in computing, management, and languages. The campus is located at the heart of Abu Dhabi.

ECT offers high standard diploma programs and bachelor's degree programs in Financial Sciences, Business Administration, Mass Communication (in Arabic), Industrial Management and Health Information Management.

The Emirates College of Technology prepares students with knowledge and skills to address the challenges of the changing local and international markets. The College has excellent faculty from over 16 countries and is well-known for significant contributions to knowledge development, professional service, education, and mentoring. Students enjoy a lively campus community that builds long-term friendships and students participate in various social, cultural and sports events that help them become professionals and well-rounded global citizens.

The Emirates College of Technology creates and maintains an academic environment ensuring excellence in teaching and learning. Students effectively use technology for advances learning.

ECT is continuously searching for better and new ways of providing integrated education and intellectual development to encourage and enable graduate students to achieve success. The college will enable students to increase knowledge and actively participate in cultural and ecological sustainability. The Emirates College of Technology leads its students to become responsible citizens and self-actuated learners for a long time. ECT strives to align student support and communication values and commitment, and continuously reviews innovative results for curricula.

Undergraduate programs offered at the Emirates College of Technology include Bachelor of Business Administration degree with specialization in Human Resource Management, Management, Industrial Management, Banking and Finance, Accounting, and Business Information Technology; Bachelor of Mass Communication with specialization in Radio and Television, Journalism, and Public Relations and Advertising; and Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences in Health Information Management. Diploma programs include a diploma in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems, Human Resource Management, Banking and Finance, and Accounting.

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An application for admission to any program offered by ECT can be only submitted in Person. To apply for any program offered by ECT prospective students must submit Admission form and supporting documents. Upon the assessment of the admission application, the Admission Office, being the responsible unit, will inform the student with the status of his/her admission through the acceptance admission letter.


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