Bright Riders School is an Indian school offering CBSE Curriculum for students from KG to Grade 12 and is located in Dubai Investment Park 1. The school provides a safe, secure and comfortable environment for its children where they are shaped to become responsible citizens of tomorrow.

The school has facilities of world-class standards that offer a rich and reinforcing learning experience. The school provides opportunities for students to explore their talents and interests. The school celebrates and appreciates diversity and makes sure every student respects each other and values honesty, trust, integrity, and discipline. Bright Riders students will experience a holistic education, an open and free-thinking attitude, and diverse nationalities and ethnic communities. The curriculum is central to educating people to prepare for a changing world and aims at becoming a lively, outstanding learning institution. Bright Riders Dubai provides high standard education and fulfills the educational and developmental needs of Indian and International students. The school ensures that every child develops a lifelong love for learning and encourages them to contribute the society. Each child is recognized and nurtured as an individual and fosters mutual respect and proficient communication.

Learning is enhanced by implementing cutting-edge technology in classrooms. Teachers can use Internet resources and the content available on the school's internal server in smart classrooms for a better understanding of lessons. The school has a well equipped ICT Laboratory for multimedia, graphics, word processing, databases, spreadsheets, and programming. The well-resourced school library has an extensive range of learning resources that can be used to enhance learning. Other learning facilities include a Math Lab, STEM Lab and Innovation Lab. The school has dedicated indoor and outdoor play areas for Kindergarten and Primary students equipped with swing, sand and water play, turnabout slide, and kitchen-range play. Sports facilities at Bright Riders School include a swimming pool, multipurpose hall for PE/gymnasium/school events, an indoor basketball court, four indoor badminton courts, indoor table tennis, and a futsal court.

The KG curriculum incorporates the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) program where a play-based approach is adopted and focuses on communication, language, literacy, mathematics, arts, design, understanding the world, physical, emotional, social and personal development. The primary students follow a curriculum based on every child's holistic development that involves activities that make the student ' think ' and ' do ' in the learning process. In secondary school, the curriculum meets the CBSE curriculum and ensures that skills are developed that applies internationally.

Bright Riders School offers an Extended Learning Program (ELP) which supports students to increase their language and numeracy proficiency. The co-curricular activities include a wide range of clubs and activities such as Nature Club, Heritage Club, Robotics, Literary club, and more. The fine arts program encourages students to develop their creative skills. These include Pencil Shading, 3D Drawing, Coffee painting, Glass painting, Embroidery, Charcoal painting, Acrylic painting, mosaic, etc.  Performing arts include dance and music which helps students to learn teamwork and develop social skills. Sports at Bright Riders School include Badminton, Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, and Swimming. In addition, mindfulness or yoga is practiced once every week which helps the emotional and mental development of students.

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Grade Fees
KG1 19,000
KG2 19,000
Grade1 21,000
Grade2 21,000
Grade3 24,000
Grade4 24,000
Grade5 24,000
Grade6 26,500

Make an inquiry through call, email, walk-ins, website. You will then receive a welcome email from the Admissions office. An Invitation for a School tour, interaction and diagnostic assessment for the child will be scheduled. You will then receive an admission offer if selected through an email within the next working day.

After admission has been granted, the next step is the Submission of documentation at Admission office and payment of School fees at the Accounts office within 10 days of the admission offer, subject to seat availability for the offered Grade at the time of admission.


Days Hours

Sunday 7:50am - 2:10pm

Monday 7:50am - 2:10pm

Tuesday 7:50am - 2:10pm

Wednesday 7:50am - 2:10pm

Thursday 7:50am - 2:10pm

Friday Closed

Saturday Closed

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Art
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Classical Dance
  • Cricket
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Football
  • Heritage Club
  • Instrumental Music
  • Literary Club
  • Music
  • Nature Club
  • Robotics
  • STEM Club
  • Swimming
  • Techno Geeks Club
  • Tennis
  • Vocal Music
  • Volleyball
  • Western Dance
  • Yoga

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Deepa Shetty

Deepa Shetty

Founding Principal