Amity University Dubai was established in 2003 and prepares students for a successful future by providing high standard courses, state-of-the-art facilities, and top faculty members who guide them through their educational journey. The University is located in the Dubai International Academic City.

Together with renowned teaching staff, world-class education and research, students become forward-thinking people willing to change the world for good. Amity University Dubai's mission is to strive for excellence.

The vibrant, innovative, iconic, and sustainable Dubai campus with state-of-the-art facilities is designed to nurture students and promote creativity and research. The University creates an environment that fosters excellence and encourages students to be lifelong learners. The large indoor and outdoor spaces are perfect for students are looking for a quiet place to study, a place to mix up with classmates or just to relax after a long day. Wide-open spaces and glass windows ensure bright, lively indoor spaces with stunning views and comfortable seating.

Sports activities offered at Amity University include Soccer, Cricket, Athletics, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Tennis, Swimming, and Throwball.

The Management and Commerce program equips students with the knowledge and information of business in society. The university offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate Management courses. The undergraduate courses include Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Economics, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration (Dubai, USA, & UK), Bachelor of Business Administration (Insurance & Banking), Bachelor of Business Administration (Family Business & Entrepreneurship), Bachelor of Business Administration (Working Professional Mode), and Bachelor of Commerce (Honours). The postgraduate courses include Master of Business Administration (Construction Project Management), Master of Business Administration (Dubai, USA & UK), Master Business Administration (Logistics), Master of Business Administration, MBA (Working Professional Mode) and Master of Business Administration in Business Analytics.

The Engineering and Technology courses include Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Solar and Alternate Energy, and Mechanical Engineering; and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Science courses include Bachelor of Science (Honours) Forensic Sciences, Bachelor of Technology (Nanotechnology), Master of Science (Forensic Sciences), and Doctor of Philosophy (Forensic Sciences).

Architecture and Design courses at Amity University include Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Interior Design, and Masters in Interior Design.

Law courses include Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Law (Honours) and Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Law (Honours).

Arts and Humanities courses include Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Applied Psychology, Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design), Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication), Bachelor of Arts (Film and Television Production), and Masters of Arts (Applied Psychology).

Hospitality and Tourism courses include Bachelors of Arts Tourism Administration and Bachelor of Hotel Management.

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