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American University in the Emirates was founded in 2006 and is located in the Dubai International Academic City. The university offers various undergraduate and graduate programs where students can receive their bachelor's and master's degrees.

The American University in the Emirates (AUE) is a major university offering an integrated learning pathway for students to be creative and productive global citizens. The University is dedicated to offering quality, research, multidisciplinary and career-oriented academic programs that prepare students for better jobs and higher education.

The University has seven colleges which include Media and Mass Communication, Law, Business Administration, Design, Security and Global Studies, Computer Information Technology, and Education. Students can choose from a wide range of different specializations. The undergraduate and graduate degrees are taught by a plethora of teachers, holding PhDs from around the globe and are well known for their academic accomplishments.

The College of Business Administration offers the undergraduate program of Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a specialization in Business Management, Accounting, E-Commerce and Marketing, Finance, Hospital, and Healthcare Management, Human Resource Management, Insurance and Risk Management, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Graduate degree programs offered include a Master's degree in Sports Management and Business Administration.

Undergraduate programs offered at the College of Computer Information Technology include a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. The graduate program includes a Master of Knowledge Management (MKM) program.

College of Design offers a Bachelor of Science in Design degree in Digital Animation, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, and Interior Design.

The College of Education at The American University in the Emirates offers o Bachelor of Education degree in Educational Administration and Supervision, Educational Psychology and Counselling, and Educational Technology.

The College of Law offers the Bachelor of Law program and the Master Programs offered includes Professional Master in Sports Law, Master in Arbitration, Master in Criminal Sciences, and Master in Intellectual property.

The College of Media and Mass Communication undergraduate programs include Bachelor of Arts in Media and Mass Communication degree in International Relations, Integrated Marketing Communication, Public Relations, Radio and TV, and Bachelor of Public Relations in Arabic.

The College of Security and Global Studies undergraduate programs include Bachelor of Arts in Security and Strategic Studies degree in Crisis Management Communication, Disaster Management, Emergency Management, and Risk Management. The graduate programs include Master of Arts in Security and Strategic Studies, Master of Arts in Diplomacy, and Master of Security Studies and Information Analysis.

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